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The best Italian Wedding Stories

bride with red dress on Lake Braies on the Dolomites

Suggestive Engagement photos on Lake Braies

Martina and Luca – June 2019 The unspoiled landscape of Lake Braies To try something never done before, to see a location with different eyes, to be able to give yourself a moment entirely dedicated to yourself.This is how Martina and Luca chose to live the pre-wedding service in the...

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happy bride and groom during the wedding at villa Corner della Regina

Spontaneous Wedding in Villa Corner della Regina

Federica and Paolo – May 18, 2019 A wet wedding in Villa Corner, Treviso You can feel it in the air, recognize it in the shadows and follow it in the reflections. The light. Only by establishing a sweet relationship with it is it possible for the photographer to tell a love story ....

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image of happy groom and bride walking hand in hand

Wedding destination in Villa Petrobelli, Padua

Rachel and Kristian – 14 July 2018 The Wedding of Rachel and Kristian in Villa Rachel and Kristian celebrated their fantastic wedding in Villa Petrobelli, this is their love story:  Rachel and Kristian first met at the young age of 15 at a friends party. In hindsight this was a...

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Bride Dress hanging in Villa Ca 'Marcello

Crazy and romantic wedding in Ca’ Marcello

Chiara e Francesco – 04 August 2018 The Wedding of Chiara and Francesco in Villa Photography is a means of transmitting emotions, sensations, capturing indelible moments and over time evoking distant memories. Colors, lights, shadows and chiaroscuro come together...

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Silhouette of spouses in Villa Contarini Nenzi

An exciting wedding in Villa Contarini Nenzi

Elena and Diego Service providers location: VILLA CONTARINI NENZI – CHIESA SAN GIOVANNI BATTISTA , Veneto, Italy floral design: FIORERIA TRONCHIN atelier: FAUSTO SARI Professionality, availability and forthcoming reliability. You managed to capture the most sincere and truthful...

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Photo of married couple at sunset in the castle of Monselice

Luxury wedding in castle, Monselice, Veneto

Raffaella and Stefano Service providers location: CASTELLO CINI, MONSELICE, VENETO, ITALY catering: WHITE PLANNING RICEVIMENTI ” Fabio is more than just a person providing a service. He is a photographer and a professional, he is a friend that knew better than anyone else how...

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married couple toasting during fireworks at villa la siragusa

Amazing Wedding in Villa la Siragusa

Ileana and Michelangelo – 1 July 2017 Romantic wedding in Apulia In a country house of the 1600s, we are direct witnesses of the marriage between Ilenia and Michelangelo. The Apulian location Villa La Siragusa seems immediately suggestive. In fact, in front of us there is a poetic...

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