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Couple of future newlyweds hugging each other in a villa in Treviso
Couple of future smiling newlyweds hugging each other in a villa in Treviso

Wedding in Treviso: your wedding photography

Your Wedding in Treviso

If treviso will be the stage of your wedding, playing the role of the photographer, I will capture the true essence, to conserve the atmosphere and the emotions that emerge from that day, forever. The choice of the location in which to celebrate the wedding is just as important as the people you wish to have by your side and to assist you: in my shots, I will transform every location into an element, alive within the composition. I will be the photographer and narrating voice, offering a unique perspective, emotional and creative through which one can interpret the wedding.

Bride launches the bouquet in a villa in Treviso
bride looks out the window at Villa Ca' Corner della Regina
married couple facing a small balcony in a Venetian villa
A man and a woman hugging each other at Casa Gobbato

The Wedding Venues

Treviso offers various elegant and suggestive frames which can harmoniously become part of the recounting of your story, enriching the narration with the right touches to make it unique, tailored especially for you. I photograph your wedding not only in elegant villas, historical residences or restaurants in the area, but also in the heart of the city, along the most fascinating alleys of the historical center. At the feet of the ancient city walls of Treviso and along the waterways with the elegance of their numerous bridges, around Porta San Tommaso or Piazza dei Signori, the entire city can give character and color to your wedding reportage. My role as a photographer is that to depict you in the sceneries that you desire, creatively interpreting the style that most represents you, in a choral party or in a day of which you are the only protagonists.

The internal hall for the civil wedding at Villa Corner della Regina

Wedding location: Villa in Treviso

This city of the Veneto region and the surrounding territory are particularly rich in historical villas and fairytale-like castles, such as Castello Papadopoli Gion, or Villa Corner della Regina which dates back to the 1500’s, to the Locanda Rosa Rosae with its fascinating antiquity: venues in which, throughout the long years of their existence, have witnessed countless love stories. Getting married in Treviso means to imprint, in the memory of the villas, your story too, capturing and forever bringing with you a piece of that beauty which renders such residences unique. Prestigious halls re-established in a contemporary style, luxury residences, villas of an antique and precious elegance: I photograph your wedding in Treviso in any location you desire, interpreting and transforming it into the perfect frame to give splendour to your most precious moments.

Freelance photography for weddings in Treviso: the price

Every wedding is a mosaic composed of details which, bit by bit, define the entire day. Every story is a unique story: your wedding is just as unique. This is why the photoshoot for your wedding is tailored to cater to your specific needs: I will not offer a predefined set of services and respective costs, instead we will find the best way to capture every moment of your special day, together. How long do you want the wedding photographer to be present during your wedding? In which locations, how will the day develop? Together, we shall agree upon the important details to exalt every special moment.

What way do you want to remember your wedding?

Talk to me about your special day and request a price estimate