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Bride with veil at Ca 'Marcello in Padua
photo behind shoulders of a bride with veil at Ca' Marcello in Padua

Your photographer for weddings in Padova

Wedding and reception photography in Padova

The choice to marry in Padova is only the first of a series of decisions: The organisation of the wedding passes through defining the optimal location for the celebration of the ritual, to the wedding reception. To seal the promise in magical sites, significant, that represent you; if this is what you desire, you would want to relive that day through images that are equally as vivid. As a photographer, my role during the marriage is not only that of capturing significant moments: I capture spontaneity and the intensity of the most precious moments, interpreting and thus becoming the narrating voice, with a single, subtle glance.

silhouette of a bride with her back to a Venetian villa in Padua
Happy married couple in after the ceremony in villa
dress hanging in a Venetian villa in Padua
toast of two spouses in a villa in Padua

Marrying in a Padovan Villa

Antique noblemen’s villas and residences render the city of Padova and the surroundings particularly rich and refined localities for your wedding. From Villa Livangior to Villa Italia, to the splendid Ca’ Marcello immersed in nature, the establishments that date back to varying historical epochs offer significantly different sceneries, rich in distinct personalities but united by the ability to frame the moment in a suggestive manner. Between the reportage of the wedding and contextual photographs, the wedding takes shape and emotions are relived in every image, exalted through a style and composition tailored precisely for you.

smiling bride walking in Petrobelli villa in Padua.

Other locations for weddings in Padova

Majestic villas are not the only scene that can welcome your wedding in Padova: there are numerous other ideal locations to accompany the wedding, your story as fiancées, and to exalt it in exclusive photographic shots. To capture the gentleness of a fragment of joy protected by the statues of Prato della Valle, or the spontaneousness of a kiss in Piazza delle Erbe watched over by the elegant Palazzo della Ragione: I will guide you here, or to your favorite corners and alleys of the historical city centre, allowing you to live these moments in a completely new atmosphere. Through the photographic lens, I will sketch your personal masterpiece.

What is the price of wedding photography?

There are multiple occasions and locations offered by the city of Padova which give life to a day that entirely describes you as a couple. From my experience, I can tell you that even two marriages celebrated in the same venue, on the same day, with the same style, result in two wedding reports that are completely different, both deserving a customised photographic project design and concretization. As a freelance photographer, I compose every photoshoot with inspiration from your desires, defining each detail and preparing a personalised estimate of the final cost. We shall agree upon the duration, commutes to and from the different locations and all else that is important to appreciate and capture every peculiarity worth remembering forever.

Do you desire photography as vivid as your memories?

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