A bride wears a veil on a boat on the Como lake.
A bride with a veil flying to the lake of Como

Wedding photographer at Lake Como

Marrying on the shore of the lake: the photography

Being a Wedding photographer at Lake Como means being surrounded by incredible beauty at all time. The photographer’s job is to not only capture this beauty, but to enhance it, to infuse it with meaning and memories. During the wedding reportage, we will use this spectacular setting as the frame for your own, very personal story.

Loved by the Italians and foreigners, and picked by couples from around the world as a dream location in which to marry, Lago di Como offers a suggestive and romantic scenario for a day to remember forever. 

Wedding at Lago di Como: the venues and professional photography

Choosing to marry on the shore of Lago di Como is not enough to make everything special, regardless of the fascination of this territory: it is necessary to plan the photoshoot accurately, which will articulate the day and will capture every emotion, transforming the background into a strong creative and narrative element. The wedding and reception reportage is an interpretation through which one can exalt emotions and personalities: I will photograph your lake-view wedding harmonising any location you shall choose, making it become an element which comes alive in the recounting of your story.

Your wedding in a villa

Historical villas, residences belonging to a different epoc, rich in pathos and fascination, constellate the riverbanks of Lago di Como. Venue of the intense romanticism and of the exclusive elegance, each displaying a particular character: from the classic elegance of Villa Geno to the sumptuousness of Villa Erba, to the epic Villa del Balbianello perched on a boulder at the shore of the lake. There are many others such as Villa Varenna, Villa Pizzo and Villa Anna. Through the photography of the wedding, every one of these frames becomes the artistic element which enhances the moments to remember forever.

Bride with bridesmaids at villa Pizzo, lake Como.
Drone photography of the ceremony on Lake Como.

Lago di Como as the frame for your most precious moments

The marriage is a journey which does not end in a single day. Together we can give life to a narration which embraces and enhances every important passage of your union. With the photoshoot dedicated to your engagement, you can conserve the memories of the first important emotion tied to your wedding through photographs. If instead, alongside your life changing moments, you want to remember the joy of the many days that interposed between each other, I will perform a couple photoshoot in your most beloved locations. We can transform the first days of your life together, reception, and first adventures shared into memories to look back upon through the reportage dedicated to your honeymoon. If you would rather celebrate your union in an informal manner, original and joyous, free form any obstacles, during the post-wedding photoshoot, you will have the possibility to wear your wedding attire once again and create a spontaneous and genuine reinterpretation, enhanced by the vivid colors of the lake.

Hiring a freelance photographer for your lake-view wedding

The celebration of your wedding deserves to be tailored in the same way a precious dress is tailored. Revolving around your desires, I will plan the photoshoot which is most suitable for you, customising the price estimate and project proposal: together we shall decide upon the location/s, if you desire more than one background for your portraits. I will give shape to an entirely customised day to meet your ideal of a perfect wedding reportage.

In what way do you want to remember your lake-view marriage?

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    Groom and bride embrace on the Como lake after sunset.


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