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Wedding photoshoot: the price and everything you need to know

How do you wish your wedding to be photographed?

Matrimony photography must be able to recount more than just a day: it has to reflect the colors and emotions of a union which is made of steps already taken together and of the happy suspense in during the wait of those still to take. The creation of memories of a love story through images is more than an assembly of casual stolen shots and it is more than a reportage composed of a long series of posed pictures. Through my lens I capture and interpret the moments, glances, small gestures which are the sum, not only of one day to remember, but also of the journey made of millions of precious moments.

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bride who throws the bouquet from the wedding car
bride with her back to a window in a villa in Veneto
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Organising the wedding photoshoot

Through the camera, I love to become part of the collective narration that takes form from the pre wedding up until the post wedding. I will photograph the wedding depicting a portrait, intensely narrating and creating compositions that come alive giving the right value to your uniqueness. We shall decide upon a portion of the photographs shot during the wedding reportage, which will be enriched through the interpretation of all the moments which are impossible to predict but important to conserve.

The location and what to photograph

While giving shape to the wedding you also have to decide in which way you want to remember it. You can choose any location of your liking and I will be able to  transform it into a vivid and expressive frame to create value in every shot – starting from the proposal photography. There are locations which are very characteristic, and others which are malleable. For every moment I will help you find the suitable look to interpret the scenery and harmonise it with every other element and the personality of every picture taken, making you become the absolute protagonists.

How to create a more beautiful wedding reportage

A wedding is composed of many moments to remember which build the very essence of the day with which you choose to celebrate your love. These are moments that can be relived in all their spontaneity in the couple photoshoot, through which I can depict you in your beloved and meaningful locations, or simply suggestive, in which to celebrate your complicity. This is a beautiful way to collect precious memories, but also to start to create that feeling which will allow us to create the perfect wedding photographs.

You will be able to choose to immortalize the moment in which you decide to promise yourselves to each other, giving life to some romantic proposal photographs, or to capture your most original spirit, spontaneous and genuine in a post-wedding photoshoot. With the honeymoon photography, you will, instead,complete the narration of your wedding conserving forever the most precious atmosphere and emotions of the first days together, lived in the location of your dreams.

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Price and estimate of cost for your wedding photography

Every wedding is unique and so is every memory: this is why even the way in which these memories are captured, must be unique as well. I will not propose a set of predefined services: the photoshoot is tailored to suit your particulate needs, taking inspiration from your desires, hopes and the way in which you dream to live your wedding. Tell me all the details and all the moments in which you wish to have me by your side – and together, we shall define the price and useful aspects to allow you to relive the wedding through splendid memories.

How do you desire to remember your wedding?

Describe your ideal wedding and request a price estimate

    Bride with veil in front of a villa in Veneto
    Bride with veil in front of a Venetian villa in Padua

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