Bride Dress hanging in Villa Ca 'Marcello

Crazy and romantic wedding in Ca’ Marcello

Chiara e Francesco – 04 August 2018

The Wedding of Chiara and Francesco in Villa

Photography is a means of transmitting emotions, sensations, capturing indelible moments and over time evoking distant memories. Colors, lights, shadows and chiaroscuro come together to give life to an art rather than a craft. This is the prerogative of our work: to give indelible moments.

Like Chiara’s smile and Francesco’s eyes, absorbed in their thoughts during the preparations. The seconds stop and the lens is a tool to capture the symmetry of the spaces and the magical silence of the participants and the location. Ca ‘Marcello is a Venetian villa immersed in nature where elegance, tradition and architectural mastery merge.
From the beginning it was our concern not to leave anything to chance and capture images that capture the harmony between all these elements at our disposal.

We watched with pride the smiles and the emotion of the participants, the lightness in the faces of the spouses, candid and smiling, after the fateful civil ceremony. Wrapped in this air of celebration we were not distracted, nor concentrated. We were simply spectators attentive to everything that happened with the naturalness and passion of those who chose with conviction to get excited about their work.

An immense thank you to Chiara and Francesco for giving us the opportunity, once again, to be the expressive and visual testimony of another moment of joy.

Villa Ca ‘Marcello is a Palladian style villa in the province of Padua just a few kilometers from Treviso.

Service providers

location: Villa Petrobelli

catering and wedding coordinator: LA MANDOLINA CATERING & BANQUETING

music design: DJS FOR PARTY


Fabio è stato fantastico, ci ha accompagnati lungo tutta la giornata in modo discreto, descrivendo con le sue foto, in modo spontaneo e genuino, l’essenza di quel giorno carico di emozioni. Non potevamo desiderare un modo migliore per immortalare i ricordi del giorno più bello della nostra vita. Grazie Fabio.

Chiara e Francesco


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