Photo of a married couple at the Cathedral of Trani

Wedding at Le Lampare al Fortino, Trani

Tulani and Luigi – May 18, 2018

The Ceremony in the Cathedral of Trani in Apulia

We strongly believe that in a wedding day moments become indelible when they are captured in the exact instant when passion and happiness meet. The quality of the image translates into a moment of joy, a smile, a look.

Proud to be present at the wedding of Tulani and Luigi, we enter the Cathedral of Trani: majestic, ancient, with the suggestion of being a stone’s throw from the sea. The large space of the Cathedral gives us the opportunity to work in perspective, to have the ability to dialogue with space. Architectural, historical and religious antiquity create the perfect atmosphere for the spouses; so also for us who are influenced by it and try to seize the moment from every kind of angle. Symbolic are also the shots outside the Cathedral of Trani that, from the top of its clear facade and its imposing bell tower, communicates wonderfully with the importance of the moment.

When the bride and groom move to another evocative place in the city of Trani, Le Lampare al Fortino (located under the Trani fort, one of the most famous places in the city), the skyline of the port invites us with wonder. A lovely place where you can find shots that have the taste of smiles, songs, dances and pure fun. Never has the word “celebratory” been so appropriate during our services.

We feel to say to the spouses a simple “thank you”, because other words would not make the idea of ​​the beautiful sensations they gave us this day.

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location: MARE’ RESORT, Trani

location: LE LAMPARE AL FORTINO, Trani



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Fabio and Massimo provide top class, quality, professionalism and flexibility service, second to none. We found them via internet and Fabio’s website was slick so is work, same thing for Massimo, his video via youtube were movies not videos. I would strongly recommended them, Fabio speaks English too which makes it easier for people like us. 

There approach is different and they listen and adapt to any request and the result was excellent, by far surpass our expectations. 

Thanks again guys…see you soon for potential other services..10 out 10

Tulani and Luigi


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