bride with red dress on Lake Braies on the Dolomites

Suggestive Engagement photos on Lake Braies

Martina and Luca – June 2019

The unspoiled landscape of Lake Braies

To try something never done before, to see a location with different eyes, to be able to give yourself a moment entirely dedicated to yourself.
This is how Martina and Luca chose to live the pre-wedding service in the beautiful setting of Lake Braies and, with the occasion, to become familiar with the camera.

The creative portrait involved the young couple and, following the photographer‘s indications, the betrothed have found their dimension of intimacy immersed in nature.
A red dress, a breathtaking landscape and a story to tell: each photo was the result of a journey that we were able to do together. I tried to translate every emotion into a compositional framework that could highlight the harmony of the two lovers and the surrounding landscape.
We then took advantage of the possibility of using a small boat from the lake to be able to seize Lake Braies from different perspectives.
The reflection of the lake has never stopped surprising us thanks to the different shades of light that the day has given us.

The day spent together thus united the couple with the photographer through a shared experience and creating that harmony that today, on the wedding day, can be recognized in the spontaneity in which those moments.

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