happy bride and groom during the wedding at villa Corner della Regina

Spontaneous Wedding in Villa Corner della Regina

Federica and Paolo – May 18, 2019

A wet wedding in Villa Corner, Treviso

You can feel it in the air, recognize it in the shadows and follow it in the reflections. The light.
Only by establishing a sweet relationship with it is it possible for the photographer to tell a love story .
It is during the marriage of Federica and Paolo, in the wonderful setting of the Venetian Villa of the Regina Corner that the light became the protagonist.
The light suffused by raindrops was reflected in Federica’s eyes, eyes in which it was easy to recognize that awareness of a future bride .
The rain stood out the scent of cedar blossoms that enveloped the beginning of that long-awaited marriage and the open fire burned silently like the souls of the family of the bride .
During the preparations , before the civil ceremony in villa Corner , the home of the bride’s parents is swept away in a short time from an energetic femininity and, renouncing pre-packaged poses and false smiles, it was easy to immerse oneself in that atmosphere and chase moments with naturalness and spontaneity. Despite the agitation, his future wife Federica maintained the radiance and elegance given by a classic wedding dress and refined .

A marble staircase has thus accompanied the bride towards the civil ceremony in the frescoed hall of the Villa where all guests, bridesmaids , witnesses and future bridegroom Paolo was in trembling expectation.
The father of the bride instead remained at her side all along the way, a point of reference and strength in such an important moment.
The rain did not succeed in ruining the magic of the moment, creating instead a suggestive atmosphere trapped forever in a photo reportage authentic and exciting.
The refreshments taken care of by the staff of the Villa left everyone satisfied, taking care of every detail for each course and also the after party in the villa was completely engaging.
And it is really only through the involvement that I can thus capture the best moments.
Being a wedding photographer means this too: living and sharing every moment of the wedding, from the ceremony to the refreshment, to understand the strong emotions that the spouses are feeling

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