Silhouette of bride and groom dancing at sunset in the Dolomites.

Sofia and Marcello’s couple photo shoot in the Dolomites

A photo shoot on the Seiser Alm

With Sofia and Marcello we experienced an incredible journey through the scenery of the Dolomites, a unique location that has allowed me to create new original compositions in dialogue with nature and the surrounding environment. And yet, thinking back to shared moments and looking at the couple’s service pictures, I recall the bond of friendship born during that adventure.

Beyond the professional relationship, the two days of photo shoot in the Seiser Alm have in fact created that sincere emotional involvement that allowed me to know and photograph their love story.

Mutual trust born between us during the pre-marriage photo shoot gave me the opportunity to capture the authentic feelings that I then had the happiness to find even during their wedding.

A unique, spectacular and intimate photo shoot surrounded by the silence and calm that only pristine nature can offer. Without the prying eyes of passers-by, as in a fairy tale, we were alone in the company of the Dolomites and the fantastic colors of the sky.
What has been established with Marcello and Sofia in fact goes beyond any other simple pre-wedding photo shoot: two days of sharing, laughter, explorations that have allowed the two future spouses to relive the couple’s relationship in a different way and to discover one of the most incredible places of the Italian territory.


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