man and girl hugging each other during a photo shoot

Engagement and proposal photoshoot

The professional photographs of the marriage promise

To capture an instant, and transform it into a moment to relive forever. The marriage proposal photoshoot captures, in images, the memory of the moment in which you decide to spend the rest of your future together, and it constitutes the first chapter which will enrich the narration of the wedding. I photograph your proposal and promise of marriage, or your engagement party to gift you with eternal images of the moment in which everything changes, the emotions grow and your dreams become a collective decision. My duty is to render this extraordinary moment even more special, allowing you to relive it through emotional photographs and through the potent narrative power.

A man and a woman hugging each other in the Caglieron caves
married couple facing each other while jumping
Two future spouses kiss after the marriage proposal.
Happy married couple during marriage proposal service

Photographing the marriage proposal: the memory of your first ‘Yes’

The photographic reportage produced during the proposal acts as a guardian of an important moment in a life for two, but it is also the perfect occasion to cherish some secret additional shots to the, probably more formal, wedding pictures.

I photograph every important milestone capturing the instances of your personal masterpiece in order for you to be able to look back upon your moments and cherish them, chapter after chapter, thanks to the photographs of the proposal, the pre wedding, the wedding, and the honeymoon. You are the authors of your story, I will help you make it unforgettable.

The reportage of the proposal: how it works

The photoshoot of the proposal is a surprise which makes the moment even more memorable: we can agree upon the time and place, and in the most discreet way possible, I will perform a secret photographic reportage, until you want me to unveil my presence. During the photoshoot you will have the chance to be free, creative and informal. The day can progress with a couple photoshoot, to continue to celebrate your promise through images.

The engagement photoshoot

I shall interpret the emotions of the moment of the proposal, or those of the party during which you will perhaps exchange engagement rings and celebrate this shared joy with the people who are dearest to you. From the selection of the perfect location to declare your love, to the pictures in front of the engagement cake, I shall curate every detail of the customised composition.

Groom makes his wedding proposal in the Venetian caves

Prices of the professional proposal photoshoot

The professional proposal reportage, just like the honeymoon photoshoot, is a photographic journey that recounts your story in a natural way, giving you a way to express your emotions with spontaneity in the locations which make you feel the most comfortable. I take pictures of your proposal upon agreement regarding how the day shall unfold, basing myself off of your desires and preferences. To know the price of the photographs of the promise, or the engagement party, tell me how you imagine your day, and together we will define every detail.

Remember the moment of your first ‘Yes’ forever

Describe your proposal and request a price estimate

    Couple of future spouses on the dolomites during the marriage proposal
    Couple of future spouses during the marriage proposal

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