A married couple in the Seceda landscape at sunrise


Post Wedding at Seceda, Dolomites

Elisa and Simone - August 2018


High peaks, wild rocks, an incredible panorama.
Our latest project tells the story of Elisa and Simone, a post-wedding photo shoot at the top of a mountain - one year after the big day.
Our eyes were immediately captured by the silhouette and the colors of Seceda, located on the sunny side of Val Gardena, in the middle of the Cisles-Odle Nature Park, Dolomites.

My colleague Tiemo Weidemann and I spent months looking for the right place, and this was exactly what we were looking for.

After having chosen the location, we spent four long months to plan the project in detail. It was clear that this would be the most challenging experience we'd ever made up to this point - sleeping in a tent, getting up at 4 in the morning, walking along precipices, getting to the top.

Elisa and Simone, who I photographed last year and with whom I became good friends after, accompanied by a pinch of madness have been so daring to accept the challenge.

The departure scheduled for June, has been postponed from month to month due to the abundant snow that was left there from the harsh winter.
Ready to leave we were constantly updating the weather forecast and local webcams, that allowed us to follow in real time the situation at the top.

After not a few cases of snowfall even in summer, our enthusiasm found its outlet only in August.

Backpacks shouldered, equipment ready, cameras boiling, alarm set for sunrise.

When we arrived in front of that panorama, that until then was just a photograph on the web, we remained speechless.

The time freezes, the wind blows, the air tingles the exposed skin - everything is perfect for starting.

The photographs will tell you the rest of this experience.

What they think about my work

" Il sogno...è stata dura, abbiamo sofferto il freddo ma alla fine siamo riusciti a realizzarlo... Che dire...questi scatti sono frutto della passione e della bravura di Fabio...quello che significano per noi e che significheranno in futuro forse non importarno a molti...ma penso a quando sarò vecchio e mostrerò queste foto appese al muro come opere d'arte...quanti ricordi...quante emozioni... Grazie Fabio!!!"

Elisa e Simone
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