Elisa Schiesari with a brush in her hand

One Day with Elisa Schiesari

Love for an art made of “arms, hands and paint brushes”

Entering the art world means be sucked in a vortex, and today’s vortex brought us in the painter and restorer Elisa, laboratory. She welcomes us with a wonderful smile and her white coat on, her work outfit, inviting us to follow her inside her laboratory. She starts doing the honours, while she shows the way and all the objects she is working at, that seem waiting to be brought back to their original splendour. 

All this creative chaos makes me think about Merlin’s laboratory, full of colourful alembics in precarious balance one on the other. We are literally immersed between instruments of any kind: painted canvas, white canvas, fabrics, cans, brushes, easel and everything else that comes up in your mind is present. Maybe Elisa is a wizard too, I end up thinking.

Our visit interrupted her while she was gold-plating a frame, she explains, so we need to close down doors and windows and move slowly as the gold plate is very thin and sensitive to air movements. Fabio looks for a safe (and free!) place to take out his camera and equipment for the shooting, so I get the chance to ask where some paintings are from; Elisa gets lost in the story while Fabio arranges the flash hat will give the photos a Vermeer-painting lights. 

The Dutch painter gave us inspiration for this shooting, as a matter of fact, he loved to fill his paintings with a natural and spread light, mixing it with the colours. The harmony and spontaneity of his paintings are unique and this is the reason why we used them as an inspiration.

After a few photographs to check the lights, Fabio states that everything is perfect but we don’t have much time as the sun is setting and we want to exploit the natural light as much as possible. It creates the perfect atmosphere with the bare stones of the floor and the wooden beams of the ceiling, exactly what we were looking for.

Elisa has developed her manual skills since she was young. She started decorating furniture to vent her passion, learning through experience what it means to be a restorer. “You need to re-invent yourself every time, as every work and customer need different resources. I deal with one work at a time, with maximum effort, trying not to limit myself on what I already know. I want to grow and learn new things, this means spending time researching new materials, new furniture until I find what satisfies me 110%”. 

While she talks, the brush glides on the golden frame, raising a shiny dusty cloud. 
My look stops once again on the paintings behind her. Most of them have flowers painted, really colourful, really beautiful. Elisa follows my look and smiles; I can tell she is proud of her job. She explains me she used different painting medium, but she prefers egg tempera, that she personally prepares like the old times. 
Fabio wanders through the laboratory, getting inspired from what he finds: from illustration books to colourful pigments in small bottles. Elisa, in the meanwhile, finished the frame, put it aside and started working on a stool, that needs her cures.

Elisa’s goal is to create unique works of art (chairs, sofas, doors, tables) and combine painting with furniture and objects. Customization is the key word here; a common object is not enough anymore, people want to distinguish even more, buying customized products, designed on their needs and requests. She also takes care of giving new life to old objects and furniture, restoring them ad decorating them in different ways, according to the result desired. 
Her determination pushed her working abroad, too, and we are sure she will manage a successful business there. 

The sun, beyond the window, starts to set suggesting that it is time to put our gear back and leave. We are really satisfied by this encounter and we can just wish Elisa the best for her future.


Artist: Elisa Schiesari

Text Editor: Linda Soffiato

Photographer: Fabio Marciano

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Claudia and Enzo's wedding in Casale San Nicola in Trani, Puglia

Claudia and Enzo at Casale San Nicola, Puglia.

Bride on Lake Como with bridesmaids who keep the veil.

Wedding at Villa pizzo, Lake Como

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