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A ballerina dances in a lake with a red veil

ELEMENT – Ballerina Project

A ballerina masks her strength with beauty, yet undeniably, it is still there When I watch a ballerina dance, I feel like participating in something extremely private and yet unbelievably big. It’s more than the harmony in the movement, the symmetry of the lines or the elegance of each gesture....

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Artist working in his laboratory.

The Claire’s Workshop

Hand painted lamps by Chiara It was a warm end of summer afternoon, Fabio and I decided to visit Chiara laboratory, curious of discovering more about such a peculiar kind of art. Chiara is a tiny woman, gracefully sharp: she manoeuvres with an incredible agility through the thousands of instruments...

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Elisa Schiesari with a brush in her hand

One Day with Elisa Schiesari

Love for an art made of “arms, hands and paint brushes” Entering the art world means be sucked in a vortex, and today’s vortex brought us in the painter and restorer Elisa, laboratory. She welcomes us with a wonderful smile and her white coat on, her work outfit, inviting us to follow her inside...

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Dancer with books in Acqua Alta, Venice

Dance through a lens

art in motion: between reality and feelings – ballerina project venice Sometimes, while you wander through the lovely Venetian streets, you can meet a ballerina. The sweet colours of autumn frame this timeless scene, while the lens captures it. Some tourists are walking along the streets...

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