Photo of married couple at sunset in the castle of Monselice

Luxury wedding in castle, Monselice, Veneto

Raffaella and Stefano

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” Fabio is more than just a person providing a service. He is a photographer and a professional, he is a friend that knew better than anyone else how to tell the story of our big day by capturing everything that we missed out on due to the raging emotions that kept us occupied that day. The precision of his work, the attention to detail and the delicateness and poetry of his photographs are what made us instantly fall in love with his craft. His kindliness and his way to live his passion through his work ultimately conquered us. He and his team were able to make us feel comfortable during our wedding and create a beautiful and spontaneous atmosphere during our photo session, even for shy people that are not used to being photographed like us. Together with everything else he contributed to an incredibly emotional and powerful outcome. Thanks to Fabio and his team for having made our wedding even more magical! “

Raffaella and Stefano


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