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Wedding in Venice

Wedding Photographer Venice

Wedding Photographer Venice: what to photograph, location and costs Wedding in Venice The right venue is not the only thing that matters while you work as a wedding photographer in Venice: one must also decide the frame, the shades and the style in which to compose the story of your marriage....

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Bride and groom embraced in front of a villa in Treviso

Wedding Photographer Treviso

Wedding in Treviso: your wedding photography Your Wedding in Treviso If treviso will be the stage of your wedding, playing the role of the photographer, I will capture the true essence, to conserve the atmosphere and the emotions that emerge from that day, forever. The choice of the location in...

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Bride in villa in Padua

Wedding Photographer Padua

Your photographer for weddings in Padova Wedding and reception photography in Padova The choice to marry in Padova is only the first of a series of decisions: The organisation of the wedding passes through defining the optimal location for the celebration of the ritual, to the wedding reception....

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Sposi felici durante il loro matrimonio sul lago di Garda

Wedding Photographer Garda Lake

Photography of weddings at Lago di Garda Marriage at Lago di Garda: what to photograph The green hills, light blue water and the splendour of the villas: the Lago di Garda offers fascinating locations to celebrate your wedding uniting the elegance of the location and the beauty of the landscape....

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Wedding Photographer Lake Como

Wedding photographer at Lake Como Marrying on the shore of the lake: the photography Being a Wedding photographer at Lake Como means being surrounded by incredible beauty at all time. The photographer’s job is to not only capture this beauty, but to enhance it, to infuse it with meaning...

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