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I was born and raised surrounded by beauty.
On the one hand was Trani, my hometown embraced by the sea, and on the other was my family, who lived on architecture and photography. That I became a photographer was therefore a destiny already written.

I have always gone in search of beauty, and from my hometown of Puglia I embarked on a journey that broughtme to Padua, where I currently live.

What I love about my work is thatphotographs allow one to preserve memories, to make them tangible and at the same time eternal.

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Shaped by ten years of experience and a natural predisposition towards beauty, my style of photography not only satisfies aesthetic standards but also evokes profound emotions.

My style of photography is characterized by constant study and research: from shots to lights, from lines to perspectives–always with a keen eye on the emotional intensity of the moment.

My goal on the day of the wedding is not only to capture the shots, but also to make the spouses experience those moments in absolute serenity and tranquility
The end result is a story of the wedding day where each of those present are characters who contribute in a unique and authentic way.

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Every couple dreams of the big day differently.

The care and personalization of each wedding starts from the beginning, creating a customized package based on the tailor-made services required.

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A network of reliable and professional suppliers

Human relationships are fundamental, from my relationship with the spouses to those I share with suppliers and collaborators.I choose to work alongside professionals–wedding planners, flower designers, photographers, videomakers, as well as venues that share my values of reliability, style, precision, and refinement.

Study and design

A unique event must be defined in every way. The study and design phase done together with the spouses is essential in realizing their desires and ensuring their peace of mind. Oculars of the location and constant comparisons with other suppliers guarantee an elegant and personal wedding.

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Care of the details

The wedding day must flow seamlessly for the spouses and their guests, and at the same time, it must be a mechanism whose gears move in perfect synchrony. The timing and scheduling of the big day entails thoughtfulness down to the tiniest detail, leaving nothing to chance to give space only to smiles and emotions.


Time is the most important and precious resource to share with the spouses. Studying the venue together, organizing the various moments of the big day, discussing desires and ideas. Every couple deserves proper attention. This is why I prefer to work with a limited number of spouses a year, to guarantee each a work of high quality and personalization.

There are emotions that color life with shades of eternity.
Like a perfect moment suspended in time.
Like love that opens its arms to the future.

In an intertwining of secret glances, tears of joy, and heartfelt laughter, the photographs become the form and substance of the most precious memories, destined to last forever.

Emotion is beauty
Beauty is emotion



  • Matrimonio a Padova, Veneto
    Padova, Veneto

    Rina and Andrea

    Aside from being a great photographer, Fabio was extremely easy to work with–which is hard to find when you’re a foreigner getting married in a different country.

  • Matrimonio sul Lago di Garda, Malcesine
    Lago di Garda

    Liesbeth and Bernd

    On the day, he and his team were very professional. I’m not used to pose for a camera, but Fabio made us comfortable. The pictures we received were stunning.

  • Fotografo di matrimonio in Veneto
    Padova, Veneto

    Rina A.

    Fabio was clear in his explanations and efficient; my husband and I were very relaxed on the day of our wedding since we felt we were in good hands.

  • Matrimonio in villa dei Vescovi. FAI Fondo ambientale
    Padova, Veneto

    Alberto e Giorgia

    Fabio si è subito dimostrato comprensivo e ben predisposto a trovare soluzioni condivise sotto ogni aspetto. 

  • Reportage del matrimonio di Valentina e Daniele a Villa Foscarini Rossi, Padova
    Villa Foscarini Rossi, Padova

    Valentina T.

    Siamo rimasti subito catturati dalla bellezza delle foto da lui realizzate. Sono eleganti, delicate, naturali ed emozionanti.

  • Matrimonio sul Lago di Garda, Malcesine
    Castello di Malcesine, Lago di Garda

    Bernd E.

    Fabio and his team have a lot of experience and you notice this in the details. He is friendly, responsive and his work is very professional.

  • Matrimonio sul Lago di Garda, Malcesine
    Castello di Malcesine, Lago di Garda

    Bernd E.

    Thank you for making these beautiful memories of the best day of our lives!



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