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Elegant Storytelling Through a Symphony of Expertise

Fabio and Riccardo - Fabio Marciano Boutique Studio, Profile Photo BN

Our approach to photography is akin to the art of seeing – looking beyond the visible, finding beauty in the mundane, and unveiling the extraordinary in the ordinary. We draw inspiration from the world around us, from the grandeur of nature to the intricacies of architecture, from the timeless beauty of fine art to the everyday moments that make life beautiful. This holistic approach allows us to create images that are not just photographs but pieces of art, each with a story to tell.

On the most significant of days, the team’s approach is both unobtrusive and guiding, ensuring that every precious moment is captured with finesse and sensitivity. The presence of the studio’s photographers is like that of discreet companions, always there yet never intruding, ready to capture the beauty of the day in its most genuine form.

Fabio Marciano Profile Photo BN

Fabio Marciano stands at the heart of the studio not merely as a photographer but as a visionary storyteller. With over a decade of rich experience, his journey is adorned with significant achievements, including the esteemed Italian Wedding Award in 2022.

His work, celebrated in prestigious magazines across the globe, showcases an unparalleled knack for encapsulating the very soul of every moment through his lens.

Drawing deeply from a familial legacy steeped in art, photography, and architecture, Fabio’s approach elevates beyond conventional photography, weaving narratives that are imbued with both elegance and genuine authenticity.

profile photo Riccardo Sottoriva

Riccardo, a key photographer at Fabio Marciano Studio, uniquely combines artistic vision with strategic insight. With an architectural background complementing Fabio’s aesthetic philosophy, he enriches the studio’s creative output. Beyond photography, Riccardo excels in marketing, driving the studio’s innovative offerings and strategic growth.

His contributions span from crafting compelling visual stories to developing tailored marketing approaches, enhancing the studio’s appeal and client experiences.

This synergy of art and strategy underlines the studio’s commitment to excellence and innovation in both their craft and client service.

Italian wedding award winner