Hello, i’m Fabio Marciano.
Italian Wedding photographer

Hello, i’m Fabio Marciano.
Italian Wedding photographer

About me

I was born and raised in Trani, a small town along the sea in Puglia. My family has worked in the photography and architecture field for many years and I had the chance to grow these two passions since I was young. I followed them and completed my artistic education in Padova, in Veneto region, where I currently work and live.

I still remember the moment that I decided I would have been a photographer: I decided to assist my uncle on a working day, just for fun. I observed him silently all day and I will never forget how relaxed and happy were the people that he was immortalizing with his photos. Since then, I cannot get enough of this feeling.

My journey in the photography world started that day. Since then I took up a career made of many different experiences that brought me satisfaction and professional growth. It required effort, responsibilities and choices but I became exactly who I wanted to be.

Everyone knows that I tend to analyse every situation as if I was about to take a photo and that most of the articles I read, videos I watch, shop that I visit have something to do with my passion.

One of my highest ambitions is to travel the world with my loyal camera. I wish I could go further than Trani and Padova, even further than Italy and work together with other photographers coming from other countries and catch with my camera love stories from overseas. It would be the perfect way to grow both personally and professionally.

“Do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life”


A wedding is like a fairy tale becoming true.

A tale that starts before the day of the ceremony: the bride and the groom that I have in front of me on that special day have learnt along the way to communicate just with a quick look, or a subtle gesture. They developed their own code, that no one else understands.

This happens also within the family: a not really talkative father that expresses a whole life of never said “I love you” with a few pats on the shoulder. A caring mother that anticipates her daughter moves, making sure she has everything ready, without the need to say anything.

I think that being able to recognise these codes to predict the situation to photograph is really important to have a great reportage: the look that comes before a hug, a touch of hands before a kiss, a smile that starts to blossom. It is relevant to establish a great feeling with bride and groom, that have to feel comfortable and not tailed or forced into poses or situations that don’t suit them.

I don’t have to invent anything; their story has already been written in the past years together.

Creating the right harmony and being aware and ready to detect those secret codes: these are the keys for a perfect reportage, that will move you and everyone else who will see it.


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