married in a taxi at dawn in Venice during the honeymoon service

Honeymoon photoshoot: what it is and how it is done

Photographic reportage of your honeymoon

If the honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience, experiencing the same pre wedding emotions is something that you can keep doing forever, through images. I make it possible with the honeymoon photoshoot, the reportage of the journey to remember for the rest of your life. Whatever your idea of an unforgettable trip, I will be there with you to perceive the most intense, emotional and romantic moments of the elopment, the ones that you will want to savor and cherish in the future, and the ones that will forever be relived as the first days of a new life together. The pictures of the honeymoon will be taken according to your pace and desires, wherever you want to go.

married couple at dawn in venice
detail of the basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore
girl walks in Piazza San Marco in Venice.
Happy married couple near canal in Venice

Honeymoon photoshoot: a chapter of a long and exciting story

Photographing the day of the marriage is not the only way to celebrate your important and precious moments: many are the unforgettable chapters, before and after the moment of the sealing “Yes”. The photoshoot for the honeymoon completes the narration and enriches it with spontaneous emotions, vivid memories, sceneries and landscapes, which renders everything more special. It can crown a journey during which I render, through my camera, every shade and every evolution: from the moment of your engagement photography, until the wedding day photography. I capture all important moments and transform them into an emotion to savor with the eyes, before and after the wedding, perhaps during a romantic getaway or an informal couple photoshoot.

How the honeymoon photography is carried out

The post marriage couple photography is a reportage specifically designed and customised for you: I will be present during the elopement whenever you wish and during the special moments that you want to immortalize, to capture the most spontaneous emotions of a unique and unrepeatable honeymoon. The locations, the duration, when to live the honeymoon in intimacy, and when to treat yourself to some photographs which recount your emotions forever, is something you will decide: together, we will organise the elopement photoshoot to ensure it is even more filled with emotions, joy and moments to look back upon, over and over again. Once all the the important details have been decided on, I will be able to devise a custom-made estimate of the cost and create a unique honeymoon experience.

groom and bride hugging each other in india

Do you wish to make your elopement even more special?

Describe and recount your honeymoon, and ask for a cost estimate

    Woman strolls on the pier during the honeymoon service.
    Donna walks on the pier in Venice.

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