you marry hand in hand at dawn in Seceda during their photo shoot

Elopement photographs, freedom to relive the wedding

What the professional post-wedding pictures are

Between emotions and a thousand details regarding the wedding planning, to monitor and manage, you will probably have the impression that the day of the wedding has flown by. Of course, there are photographs which witness the moments, but… would you like to relive these moments in complete freedom, giving space to every scenery and shot that you can think of, without facing any obstacles imposed by a fast-paced event?

The post wedding reportage is exactly this: a day in which you wear, once again, your wedding attire to shoot some original and creative photographs in a location chosen by you, without any limitations. I will help you find an ideal location to recreate the service in the mood that you prefer: playful, romantic and elegant- giving you the perfect possibility to express your personalities.

silhouette of a bride at sunset
detail of wedding rings
married couple holding hands at sunset on the dolomites
married couple during the photo shoot in Seceda

How to organise the romantic getaway reportage

If the pre wedding and wedding are celebrated with family members and closest friends, the post-wedding photoshoot is a celebration for just you two. Imagine wearing your wedding dress on a beach or around the city, or in a location which is particularly meaningful: we can agree upon any type of frame. Through the lens, I shall give shape to a reportage which depicts you in a spontaneous, natural and intimate way.

The post-wedding service is the ideal occasion to play around with original and artistic shoots, through which I will gift you with a raw interpretation of you as a couple. During the reportage, I will enhance the scenery in which you decide to dream and enjoy yourselves, agreeing beforehand on some of the shots. We could take advantage of the creative freedom offered by a completely informal meeting to come up with ideas and share our visions.

A subtle glance to enrich your tale

The wedding is a milestone which celebrates what you have already built thus far, and the future steps that you will take in the same direction. Why, not amplify the prospects even while giving life and color to memories?

The post-wedding professional images can be a chapter which can also break the style of the previously taken shots, from the engagement reportage or marriage promise reportage, to the photographs taken during the honeymoon, or it can be something which completes the journey in a harmonious and coherent way in terms of style.

Spouses embraced on the dolomites

The price of the romantic elopement photoshoot

Between all the marriage-related reportages, the romantic elopement photography is probably the one that gives the most room to invent, innovate and plan a day which is completely personalised, without any type of obstacle or formality. My role as a photographer is to help you plan, agreeing upon every important detail to render this moment for two, special. Once all the details have been accorded upon, I will be able to devise your customised price estimate, giving shape to the reportage of your romantic getaway.

Do you want to remember your wedding in a creative and spontaneous way?

Describe your idea of a romantic getaway and request a cost estimate

    spouses immersed in the landscape of Seceda
    Married couple holding hands newlyweds immersed in the panorama of Seceda on the Dolomites

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