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Isabella and Gianluca

The Whole beatiful story of the wedding

Palazzo Arnieci


Tulani and Luigi

The Whole beatiful story of the wedding

trani cathedral, Le lampare


Ileana e Michelangelo

The Whole beatiful story of the wedding

Villa La siragusa

A cathedral poised above the sea and a timeless, shabby-picturesque waterfront
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Wedding in Trani

Trani is a historic fishing port in Puglia, southern Italy, between Bari and Barletta on the Adriatic coast. It's on Italy's mainline railway network so is easy to reach, and it's a lovely place to explore, wander or relax.

The town is reminiscent of 1950s films set in old-fashioned seaside Italy: historic buildings fading with casual charm, boats in the harbour and sleepy dogs lazing in the midday sun by the deserted waterfront.

Trani makes a good day-trip if you are staying in Bari or nearby. It would also make a good alternative base for seeing the area: much more peaceful and safe than the big city of Bari.

I was born and raised in Trani, a small town along the sea in Puglia. My family has worked in the photography and architecture field for many years and I had the chance to grow these two passions since I was young. I followed them and completed my artistic education in Padova, in Veneto region, where I currently work and live.

I still remember the moment that I decided I would have been a photographer: I decided to assist my uncle on a working day, just for fun. I observed him silently all day and I will never forget how relaxed and happy were the people that he was immortalizing with his photos. Since then, I cannot get enough of this feeling.

My journey in the photography world started that day. Since then I took up a career made of many different experiences that brought me satisfaction and professional growth. It required effort, responsibilities and choices but I became exactly who I wanted to be.
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