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    Frequently asked questions


    Do you travel for work?

    I often divide myself between north and south. I love to travel and always be inspired by new adventures and locations. To avoid travel delays I will arrive the day before the event and depart the day after.

    Arriving early gives me the opportunity to meet the suppliers and organize an inspection with the bride and groom.

    This location scouting will give us the opportunity to imagine together the organization of all the events that will take place during the big day.

    How many hours of coverage do your collections offer?

    A few days before the wedding you will receive a questionnaire via e-mail which is useful for creating a precise program of the day in order to create the best possible photo shoot. So that you don’t have to worry about anything.

    Depending on the chosen collection, the time slot varies from 8 to 10 working hours during the wedding day.

    During this adventure I will be your guide in creating a unique and memorable photo shoot.

    Sposi in villa Foscarini Rossi, Villa Veneta Italiana.

    What will we receive upon delivery of the photo shoot?

    Generally the delivery of digital files is done in 2-3 months from the wedding date up to 5 months for some particular services. This time is needed to select and finely process the photographs taken during the event.

    Don’t worry though, within a few days of the event I will carefully select a small preview that will be delivered via the online gallery, the same that will then host the complete final delivery.

    For the album, if foreseen, it will take approximately 2 months from the final choice of the photographs. This time will be necessary for our partners to print and bind your strictly Made in ITALY wedding album by hand.

    When we talk about Fine Art post-production, what do we mean?

    Often this question finds space during appointments, explaining the post-production process is never easy because it involves a series of technical steps that every professional completes in a different.

    In no way do I like to alter the real beauty of an image. The intervention that I foresee on the images is above all linked to the colors and the visual style that I want to recreate to better tell your story.

    The final result will be a photograph with natural colors.

    Do you deliver non-post produced photographs?

    Delivering the “raw” photographs, therefore without processing, would be like completing only a part of the job. The selection and post-production phases make the final result unique, which must be impeccable.

    For maximum transparency, all the photographs that will not find a place in the final collection will be delivered separately as a digital archive and without post-production.