Dancer with books in Acqua Alta, Venice

Dance through a lens

art in motion: between reality and feelings – ballerina project venice

Sometimes, while you wander through the lovely Venetian streets, you can meet a ballerina. The sweet colours of autumn frame this timeless scene, while the lens captures it. Some tourists are walking along the streets and the ancestral perfume of the sea dialogues with the morning light. How should I seize with my camera this new harmony taking place in a city where art and water, channels and architecture already melt in a constant dance? Having a ballerina as the main character.

“Years ago, when dancing was my biggest dream, dance was my only thought. I was sacrificing many things to go to dance class every day. However, every time I got inside the dance hall I felt home. Today it is not my everything anymore, but it will always be a part of me, the one that pushes me to dance when I listen to music, the one that makes me walk on my tips and keep my feet rotated when I wait for the bus, the one that makes me feel comfortable when I am in front of an audience”.

We get lost in the narrow streets, looking at the views and stealing a ray of light. Carlotta wears her ballet slippers, even if they are not comfortable for a walking day. She doesn’t care about physical strain. Physical strain, yes. Strain. The Latin with the word “fatiga” meant a lack, something that was missing. And that is exactly what surprised me whi we were taking the first pictures: the lack of physical obstacles to reach plasticity of movements. Seizing the moment. The harmony.

“It is a passion that can take you away from friends and family. But if I could go back in time I would do it over and over again because I learnt how to deal with defeats, to be determined and self-critical. It made me who I am today and stillnow it can move me deeply”.

Entering in Acqua Alta library, we feel we have the chance to transform words into images. Black and white, eternal opposites, meet in the lens of the camera. The first pictures of Fujifilm GFX 50s capture Carlotta absorbed in reading. The photograph melts together the white of the page and the black of the ink, while light enhances the contrast. Walls full of books and ancient wisdom sustain the lightness of an art in motion.

It is a way, a dynamic and static way. A trip that ends in the perspective of a crowded lagoon that at the same time is empty because of its timeless art.


Ballerina: Carlotta Parati

location: Venice, Veneto, ITALY

Text Editor: Domenico Palumbo

Camera rental: 2 EMME FOTO, Padova

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